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CONSTRUCTION • AISI 304 S/S lid and top plate. • AISI 430 S/S back cover and galvanized steel bottom cover. • Painted steel side panels. • Aluminum ribbed top contact plate (215 x 215 mm) treated with special non-stick coating. • Self adjusting top plate to grill sandwiches from 10 up to 75 mm thick. • Smooth 4 mm thick quartz glass bottom cooking surface (250 x 250 mm). • Independent temperature setting of the top and bottom plates from 150 to 250 °C (top) and from 150 to 280 °C (bottom). • Automatic holding and opening system controlled by an electromagnet. • Automatic lifting of the lid at the end of the cooking cycle via gas spring. • Electronic control with digital LED display. • Countdown display and buzzer at the end of the cycle. • 2 temperature probes for an independent control of the top and bottom temperature. • 900 W MICA heating element on the top plate • 900 W electrical armored heating elements on the bottom plate. • 2 x 900 W magnetrons for microwave • Side louvres for efficient cooling ventilation. • Ergonomic aluminum handle with plastic grip. • Removable top front panel and dismountable top cooking plate for better cleanability. • 4 pre-loaded programs (default parameters) - P1 tot.time = 30 sec. (20 sec. microwaves) - P2 tot time = 40 sec. (30 sec. microwaves) - P3 tot time = 50 sec. (40 sec. microwaves) - P4 tot time = 59 sec. (no microwaves) • The 4 pre set programs can be adjusted by the user. The programmable parameters are: - Top plate temperature (trt) - Bottom plate temperature (trb) - Total duration of each cycle (tCYx) - Duration of microwaves within each cycles (tW) • Beside the included accessories listed in the next page, the unit includes 1 lt of detergent.

Electrolux High Speed Sandwich Press - Ribbed Top, Smooth Bottom, Stainle

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