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Use maximum space of your kitchen

Based on the municipality rules in Dubai, as an restaurant owner or manager, you need to consider minimum 400 sq/ft for your kitchen space in your restaurant. As most of the owners would like to pay less rent for their business, so the size of kitchen might be small. You need to use maximum space of your kitchen to serve your customer better and with more speed. Our team can help you to manage the space of your kitchen and based on your concept, we will help you to choose the right equipment for your restaurant.

For example, for a very small kitchen, you will need a low boy table top chiller for your chef and his team. With this helpful equipment, your staff can work on the table plus they can use the chiller under the table. Try to avoid the mistake of not using your kitchen space efficiently but not choosing the right equipment or using unnecessary equipment inside the kitchen! To avoid this mistake, always consult with the experienced people before starting your restaurant.

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