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Mistakes to avoid in setup your kitchen

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Most restaurant owners are not professionals in food and beverage industry so they usually do mistakes that can cost them a lot and even put them in a risk of losing their business. On this article, we would consider some mistakes that you can avoid before set up your restaurant.

Mistake #1: Not Deciding about your concept before opening

You have to choose your concept and hire your chef before opening your restaurant. If you have doubt about your concept, don't open your restaurant. Choose the right concept based on the need in the market and your location. Ask for advice from your chef and double check your concept with different experts in your city.

Mistake #2: overspending on your kitchen equipment

Most of the smart business owners know how to reduce the start up costs. As a restaurant owner, you have to know how to always monitor the expenses even prior of opening of your restaurant. After you decide about your concept and confirm it with your chef, you have to choose the best equipment for your kitchen that can support your concept. Based on your need and depends on your concept, you have to know where inside your kitchen to spend more. For example, if you mostly serve shawarma in your restaurant, you need to have a high quality shawarma machine but don't over spend in purchase an oven. For this purpose you can always contact our team and we will help you to select the best equipment for your kitchen.

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